Apple Verified Organization and Apple Business Chat Come to Aqua Supercenter - Improving Customer Service

Aqua Supercenter is proud to announce it’s now a Verified Apple Business, Verified Apple Organization and a Verified iMessage Business Partner.

This is important to us as a Business in many ways and more importantly; it’s a major benefit to our current and future customers.


Apple Verified / iMessage Partner Benefits:


  • Most importantly is the fact that this will not only provide trust & reliability to our customers, but it will allow us to serve our customers better - we are ALWAYS trying to innovate and fine tune things to better serve our customers!


  • Apple Maps: Aqua Supercenter will now be listed as a ‘Verified’ Business Location; which will provide all the important information a customer may need, a special ‘Contact Business’ button and a ‘verified’ check mark.


  • iMessages: will now automatically know what device you are using to browse our website and insert a dynamic ‘live chat’ button. So if you are using an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, Etc.) then you will see a iMessage chat button which will be a ‘Business iMessage Chat’. You’re no longer stuck behind the computer screen waiting for each response. Once you start a chat, you can get back to what you were doing before and the chat can continue anywhere via iMessage. We understand time is a valuable commodity anymore and if you’re spending time w/ Aqua Supercenter we are already beyond honored, so Thank You!


Not Using an Apple Device?

Don’t worry! Thats 100% ok; we truly value any and all customers who visit, browse and buy from Aqua Supercenter! Our website will know what device you’re using to browse our site (all websites gather that info) - based on the device your using our ‘Live Chat’ button area at bottom right part of the site will change. Here are some examples:

  • If your using a normal Windows PC computer; you will see a normal ‘Website Live Chat’ button.
  • If you’re using a mobile device of some kind, yet not an Apple device or a device which is on a wireless/cellular network; you will see a more compact button as well as a little round icon with a image of a phone. This way you can easily initiate a live chat which is ‘mobile friendly’ as well as just press the phone button to immediately call our customer service department. (Note: On all mobile phones, our top navigation menu will be different. If you click on the button at the top of our website to open the navigation menu, you will now see 2 new menu choices which are:
      • Our phone number - which you can just click on and it will automatically start a call to our main customer service dept.
      • Our email address - which if you clicked on it would open your default email app and pre-fill the “To” & “Subject” for you. You just need to write what you need help with and press send. (All emails go to our main ‘Ticket’ system and are answered ASAP / same day).

There are many other benefits which we look forward to continue to better serve you and help you save valuable time!

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