COVID-19 Updates on Safety, Health, Chlorine/Bleach and Shipping -  May 2020

COVID-19 Updates on Safety, Health and Shipping - May 2020


Safety and Health

First, I as well as the entire team at Aqua Supercenter are wish you and your families all the best of health during these crazy pandemic times we are in.

Due to COVID19 pandemic, we (our warehouses) are doing daily disinfection and weekly disinfection of warehouses. We have very strict safety and sanitization protocols to keep our customers safe as well as our team.

We are also doing daily disinfection of ALL products before they ship out. Rest assured - shopping with Aqua Supercenter is safe and our products are virus free! 


Doing Our Part

To do our part in ensuring our staff, our partners and our customers are safe during these COVID-19 times - we are currently doing the following:

  1. All office staff, corporate staff, retail store staff not needed @ the store, warehouse management not needed @ warehouse, etc. are all working from Home and have been since the last week in March 2020.
  2. Anyone who is unemployed or unable to pay for any chlorine/sanitization products, please reach out to us - view our contact methods. We will send you a free sanitization kit to keep your family safe.
  3. All our warehouses have taken steps to do daily sanitization of the entire warehouse - including the boxes. We also do more complete & detailed weekly cleanings.
  • Please note: Due to this procedure; we sanitize sections of boxes at a time which we are shipping to you, then loading them on UPS/FedEx/USPS Freight Truck. This is taking us longer to ship in combination with it being peak season, suppliers orders taking longer, etc. - So please expect some extra delays in shipping, but also expect to be safe when you order with us as all boxes are sanitized before shipped.

Sanitization / Killing COVID-19 Virus on Surfaces, Swimming Pools and Spas

We are currently prioritizing all chlorine & sanitization product shipments. We want to keep you and your family safe!

Why chlorine? For those who are not aware, chlorine is bleach. So the #1 bacteria & virus killer, bleach is just a weaker form of chlorine. Here are some stats on Bleach/Chlorine:

  • Bleach is typically 5% chlorine level by volume. Think of bleach that you use in your washing machine for the white clothes you own.
  • Bleach cleaners typically only have 1% - 2%.
  • Liquid pool chlorine which is usually seen in Florida and a couple other states at pool stores is 10% - 12% chlorine.
  • Liquid pool chlorine found at big box retailers (Such as: Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes) - they sell "Pool Chlorine" by the gallon which is 8% - 10% chlorine.
  • We sell Thi-Chlor, Calcium Hypochlorite, Di-Chlor and other granular chlorine products also sold in tablet form which contain 34% - 99% chlorine. This is commonly known as "Shock" - so "Pool Shock" is Calcium Hypochlorite. Tri-Chlor and Di-Chlor are much much stronger chlorine level. Here is a great Wikipedia article on calcium hypochlorite pool chlorine shock.

Need A Sanitizer That Kills COVID-19?

We understand all parts of the USA are in different situations. Some, like where our HQ is located in sunny Sarasota, FL. You go to your local Walgreens, Publix, Etc. and the entire household cleaner isle is empty.... What to do?

Well, we have PLENTY of chlorine and chlorine is CDC recommended to kill the COVID-19 Virus.

Local Customers - Sarasota, FL & Surrounding Areas:

We can not ship liquid chlorine. If your a local customer or within a 100 mile radius of our retail stores in Sarasota, FL - we will happily deliver it to you or you can come in to get a 2.5 gallon jug of chlorine for just $5.

All Other Customers - Anywhere in USA, Canada or Caribbean:

We are UPS hazmat authorized shipper and we employ certified UPS hazmat shippers. All our warehouse staff other than temporary summer staff have UPS certifications as safety is #1 to us. I personally got my certification when I started back in 2004. So we can ship you granular chlorine by the pound, 2lb, 5lb, 10lb, 25lb and even 50lb buckets. You can simply take a spoon full of shock and put it in a gallon jug of water and shake it up well and let it dissolve and you pretty much have the #1 sanitizer there is. See the Wikipedia on Chlorine Bleach

Here is where you can find our chlorine products:

We appreciate your patience and your business during these crazy times!

As we said above and in other updates - our current order delay time is 1 day - 7 days. We opened in 2004 online and this is the longest shipping delays we have EVER saw.

Obviously the "7 day order delays" are rare, plus and if you're one of the 5% of our orders which see the longest delay of 7 days, we will inform you ASAP. We shipped over 2,500++ orders Memorial Day Weekend and so far delays over 72 hours have been under 5% of our total order volume.

We will continue to do our best to balance safety with speed of shipping and prioritizing sanitization orders.


UPS / FedEx / USPS / Shipping Companies

Please be aware that all shipping carriers have canceled their 'Guaranteed Shipping Times'. If your wondering if this will effect you, well - if you live in a area that has extreme COVID-19 shut-down conditions, your shipment 'may' be effected by this. Orders are still getting delivered, just some take additional time.

My experience: I've been tracking our order metrics and so far - I can say that 98% of shipments are not effected by this at all. UPS, FedEx and USPS are shipping just as fast as normal. Freight shipments are also running fast - so to be honest with you. I doubt this will be a issue at all. If it is, contact us! We will ensure to do what it takes to make it right. Again, so far, we ship A LOT of orders (we ship an order every minute of the day on average right now) and I've only encountered a handful of customers who were effected by this. 

I hope that as a company, us being transparent with our customers keeps you informed and I hope is helpful to you. We always like to be honest and upfront. We are not perfect, but we will make it right. 

If you ever have issues with an order - please reach out to Chris Smith. He will help you and make things right.


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