May and June 2020- Updated Shipment Processing Time and Shipping Times

Summary (tl;dr): 

As of May 2020, we are up and running and shipping thousands of orders. We also still and will always offer quick phone support w/ texting, live chat, forum and email support - all of which is instantly answered and no hold times.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation coupled with high order demand/volume, we are experiencing short delays with shipments. Most orders are shipping within 1-3 business days after order is placed however we have seen carrier delays as well so a package which may take 2 business days to arrive, may take 2-4 days (this is mostly due to COVID-19).

Aqua Supercenter Team wants to Thank You for your patience and just know we truly appreciate your support!

Additional Details:

Originally, I posted that there will be no delays due to COVID-19. So far in May, we have been experiencing a average 'processing time' of 24-48 hours and estimated shipment days of 2-3 days.

Processing Time -

Processing time delay is more based on which products in all honesty. We are super busy as May & June are the peak of the pool season, here in the USA. Which the USA accounts for 95% of our sales as that's where we are based. Only 5% are to Canada & many small islands in the Caribbean. So many orders still ship same day. Other orders take a little longer if we source them through one of our smaller partners and therefore that takes additional time. (To help understand 'why' this is: the reasons most orders ship ASAP is that either #1. I will be here we do the most business with we setup fully automated order management

Shipping Time -

Shipping Time is considered once the order is placed in the system of our warehouse, vendor, supplier or partner. This also might include carrier delays such as USPS, UPS or Fedex. Also including Freight Liners such as R&L Carriers, Estes Freight Lines, Etc. - because 'pool products' are non-essential; there has been times that FedEx has not picked up our 300 packages waiting to be picked up for afternoon orders that day - when we discussed with the rep, we were told that they prioritize businesses that are considered 'essential' for COVID-19. This is all 100% new to us and it's also a issue EVERYONE is facing if they admit it or not.

Shipping Time is also to be considered the same as the above (Processing Time) but this is for our suppliers, vendors and partners. The best way to explain is 70% of our orders we source from our partner warehouse or our own warehouses. Many orders ship from one warehouse that has just completed a $5 million dollar investment into the most advanced warehouse in the pool industry (like a amazon distribution center). Typically for the majority of the year, we ship out thousands of orders from this warehouse and 99% of orders ship that same day as our systems are fully connected and automated with them.

Due to demand and seasonality of the business (May & June being peak) - once our orders are in these systems, it can take an additional 24-48 hours to ship due mostly carrier delays (this warehouse we have contracts with USPS, FedEx, UPS where they leave a full freight truck (18-wheeler) trailer at our warehouse dock each day so we can fill it starting at 7am each morning. Typically we will have them picked-up mid-day and have another 2-3 trucks return empty to be picked-up again by end of day. Well, as I stated above - this is also not *always* happening so some orders that we expect to ship say "Tuesday" could get caught up with just bad timing and not ship until Wednesday.



Bottom line - if you feel your order should have shipped and you don't receive communication from us about your order. Contact us! We focus on being proactive so you will never have to contact us about order status, but the facts are that we are humans, our warehouses are humans ( - we all make mistakes. We are big on honesty and making it right!

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