Memorial Day - Why we are closing on our busiest day of the year?

Happy Memorial Day!


  • This is the first time in the history of Aqua Supercenter (2004 - Today) that I closed on Memorial Day. All freight & shipping companies will be closed, all suppliers and warehouses will be closed, etc. - The reason we never closed is Aqua Supercenter is an online retail company - in retail, we remain open on Holidays. 
  • In all honesty - Memorial Day is usually our #1 busiest day of the year. So this was a thought out decision, but at the end of the day - doing what's right by our customers is why we are still in business today. 
  • Let me be clear, we are ONLY closing our phone lines & live chat. ALL corporate, customer service, data teams, development teams, etc. will be working a full day Monday + Overtime. 
  • My decision was to close to focus our entire company to fulfill and take care of EVERY order that has been placed in May and has not yet shipped or there are issues. I pulled a report of ALL orders that have been paid for that currently are “Unfulfilled” in our system and we are going through each and every one to take care of EVERYONE by the end of the day.
  • Obviously it’s a bad ‘short term business’ decision as we will probably lose out on $20K in orders via phone. BUT, we are in business for the ‘long-term’ so taking care of our current and previous customers/orders is the top priority for us today.



*Note: This section was very emotional for me so I’m not going to re-read this part and re-write it so please excuse any grammar or other mistakes*

     First, let me say thank you to all our Veterans, Military Active Duty (My oldest son is full time active duty) and their families as they are special as well. I come from a long line of Veterans. My Grandfather fought on the front line of 2 wars in his lifetime and was recently awarded a special place in the new Veteran Cemetery in Sarasota, FL. He was one of the best men that I grew up with that made me the person I am today. I spent the last 2 weeks of his life with him and his wife (my Grandma) at the VA Hospital in St. Pete, FL. I risked a lot in my life at the time to do that as I was in no place financially to do this; but I live my life without regrets and I’m so so so Thankful for that time with my Grandfather. Even though I grew up spending 3 days/nights in a row with my Grandparents; the final few weeks was one of the most memorable as I learned so much and he wasn’t afraid to die; he was afraid to leave his wife, my Grandma after 50+ years of marriage alone. He didn’t want her to hurt. His only ask of me, is that I take care of Grandma well and be there for her….. My grandmother is still alive to this day and I’ve spent over 10 years visiting her 3+ nights a week, taking her to dinner and to the mall to walk around and talk.

   My Grandfather honestly was lucky to live the years he did as in the last war, his arm was blown off by a submarine missile (he was in a ‘subchaser’ which were little boats around the big Navy boats to protect them from subs.) - no one knows to this day who, but someone saved his life and pulled him out of the wreckage and they were able to reattach his arm for the most part. He went on after the war to start WES Electric. He did that up until he retired in the late 1990’s. 

(I’m posting this *now* so its on website but I’m still writing this and will be complete within the next 20 minutes)

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