Motor Selection Guide | How to Choose the Correct Replacement Pool Pump Motor

Motor Selection Guide

How to Choose the Correct Replacement Pool Pump Motor

When choosing a replacement pool motor there are a few things you need to know.

If you contact us we will ask you for one of the following:

  1.  Model Number of the Motor
  2. Category Number of the Motor
  3. Make and Model of your Pump
If you are unable to find this info or your motor, don't give up! Contact us for help. If your motor shows "--" or "N/A" in the SF or HP (F or D in the image) The HP shown on the label may not match the manufacturer recommended replacement. This could be the manufacturer recommending the newer model or more energy efficient model. It could be that the horsepower shown is not the true horsepower of the motor.
Many companies will show a certain HP and give dashes for the service factor, horsepower, or sometimes both. Your motor could show you have a 3 HP for instance and really only be a 1 HP, based on the manufacturer part number.


Important Info for Replacement Pool Motors:

  • 115V motors can only be wired with 110-120V
  • 230V motors can only be wired with 208-245V
  • Reversible motors (115/230V) will come factory wired for 230V in most cases. You must verify the motor is at the correct voltage before connecting power. Wiring incorrectly will burn out a new pool motor!


When replacing your pool pump motor, Aqua Supercenter recommends that you also replace your pump shaft seal or purchase a Go-Kit that includes a pump shaft seal and other wear items such as o-rings and gaskets.



Need help determining which Go-Kit or Pump Seal you need?

Check Out Our GO-KIT & Pump Shaft Seal Replacement Guide

All motors are factory tested before shipment. Most motors returned as "defective" have been mis-wired, and are not accepted as returns, as it is caused by installation errors. Even if you have an electrician or pool company do the installation of your motor, this is something you should know and verify in advance as you are ultimately the one responsible.

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