Remove Yellow & Green Algae From Your Pool in Only 6 Steps

Six Easy Steps To Remove Yellow & Green Algae From Your Pool. When it comes to removing algae from your pool there are a number of different ways that you cannot only remove severe algae but also ensure that it never gets out of control from then on.


Algae can be a huge hassle especially when you get it for the first time. If you really need to get rid of algae and make sure that it doesn't return you will need to follow the following steps:


  1. STEP 1: Maintain your circulation system: maintaining your pump, the filters and the skimmers is extremely important. When your filter becomes clogged and you don't make efforts to back washer clean your filter it's only a matter of time before algae will form. Your pump also needs to be running at least 6-8 hours a day when you have swimmers in your pool. Without the pump running at least this length of time you are going to get algae. NOTE: When you currently have algae and your doing this algaecide treatment; its advised to run your pool for 24 hours. 



  1. STEP 2: Shock your pool weekly: one of the best ways that you can eliminate spores of algae is to use regular sanitizer and to shock your pool weekly.


  1. STEP 3: Monitor all the chemical levels in your pool: whether you are using an automatic or floating sanitizer device, you need to always monitor the levels in your pool to make sure that algae spores can't form. All the levels should be kept correct levels or you are going to consistently see algae in the pool. Get yourself a good pool water test kit.


  1. STEP 4: Use pool brushes: the walls and floors of your pool will often start to form algae. If you aren't regularly scrubbing your pool with the proper brush you'll start to see algae growth forming at the edges above the water or even on the bottom of the pool. It can be difficult for the circulation system to eliminate these spores so you will need to put in a little elbow grease yourself.


  1. STEP 5: Get algaecide: in the worst possible case you can use algaecide to help algae spores from developing into blooms. This is an easy-to-use chemical that is really only to be used if you are having real difficulty controlling the spores.


  1. STEP 6: Consider getting a pool vacuum: one of the automatic vacuums can help you clean all of the surfaces in your pool with ease and prevent algae from building up. You can also get a manual vacuum which will both scrub and remove any debris from the pool.


Prevent algae going forward...

We highly recommend a ‘preventative’ algaecide; like United Chemical’s No Mor Problems. You just add a small amount (3oz - 5oz) per week - for most pools, one bottle will last you all season. We also sell No Mor Problems preventative algaecide & water clarifier in 1 gallon sizes.

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