Pool Frog Above Ground Mineral Reservoir 6100

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»» Description:

Pool Frog Above-Ground Mineral Reservoir 6100 is essential to maintaining all the benefits of the Pool Frog System. The 6100 Mineral Reservoir is one of the three different components used with the Pool Frog System. The mineral reservoir is the key component to using half the chlorine and maintaining that silky, clear, smooth water in your pool.

The mineral reservoir contains time-released minerals that are effective only once wet and last 6 months. Remember, you should never reuse a reservoir when it has been removed from the water, for instance when winterizing, even if it hasn’t been used the full 6 months. The reservoir needs to be replaced at the start of each pool season, or every 6 months for year-round pools.

Minerals reduce chlorine use by up 50% and lower your pool’s required pool’s maintenance time; this saves you time and money. The reservoir’s special minerals are tough on water born bacteria yet easy on swimsuits, your eyes and skin. Water treated with Pool Frog Mineral Systems is beautiful, clear, soft, and requires less effort to maintain. The minerals do the same job as chlorine would do, but lasts much longer.  


»» Application:

  • For use with Above Ground Cycler Series 5100 and 6100

    Above Ground Swimming Pools up to 25,000 gallons

»» Features:

  • Lasts up to 6 months once minerals are wet
  • Essential part of the Pool Frog Above-Ground Mineral System
  • Used with Series 5100 and 6100
  • Pre-filled replacement cartridge - no touching chemicals
  • Minerals offer you an EPA registered alternative to harsh chlorine
  • Keeps your pool beautiful with less maintenance

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