Blue Wave Bromine Pool-Spa Tablets- 25lb pail

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»» Description:

Blue Wave Pool and Spa Bromine Tablets - 25 lbs. This powerful and effective sanitizer kills algae and bacteria. Bromine is an alternative to chlorine is great for use in swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. Our bromine is pH balanced so it is less harsh on skink eyes, hair and swimwear. Plus, bromine produces no chlorine odor, making it ideal for indoor pools. Since bromine dissolves at a much slower rate than chlorine, it must be dispensed by an automatic feeder.

Please Note: Chemical packaging may vary from images shown. We cannot guarantee type of packaging (ie. pail, bucket, box or bag).

»» Application:

  • Above-ground Swimming Pools

»» Features:

  • Kills bacteria and algae

  • pH balanced

  • No chlorine odor

  • Slow dissolve

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