Chemtrol Programmable Controller - PC3000

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Chemtrol Programmable Controller offers complete chemical automation (ORP, PPM, and pH) plus control of conductivity or TDS, water balance with Langelier Index, temperature and heater control. It is a user friendly and reliable chemical controller and is easy to install and operate. It includes flow cell assembly with flow switch, control and monitoring of OPR, pH and the heater, and features Langelier saturation index, automatic data logging and full screen menus.


  • ORP readout in millivolts with programmable oxidizer feed control
  • Conductivity readout in microsiemens and TDS readout in ppm or mg/l with programmable dump valve control
  • Programmable feed control for three (3) chemical additives
  • Electronic water level sensor with automatic fill valve control
  • Flow sensor with saddle clamp mount
  • Data/voice/communication modem
  • Chemcom® remote computer software for DOS or Windows
  • Voice telephone status reports
  • Remote telephone control of activator modes
  • Telephone alarm callouts to six(6) memory stored numbers
  • Multiplexing - RS485 port for multiple connections
  • Sanitizer readout in ppm or mg/l with programmable sanitizer feed control
  • Data Logging - On-board memory for 999 tests RS232 communication port for local download and printing
  • Conductivity/TDS- 0-20000 µS/cm conversion factor for TDS
  • pH readout with programmable acid and base feed controls
  • Temperature readout in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius with programmable heater control
  • Bypass line with in-line filter, flow meter, safety flow switch, two control valves and sampling valve
  • Sensor cleaning with programmable acid wash control
  • Remote alarm (hot or dry contacts)
  • RS232 serial communication port
  • Rain and splatter proof NEMA type 3R fiberglass cabinet (13 Inch x 11 Inch)


  • Amperage Rating : 10 A
  • Calibration Range : 1, 2 or 3 Points
  • Display : Digital, 8 Lines at 22 Characters
  • Enclosure : 13 Inch x 11 Inch x 6-1/2 Inch, Rain and Splatter Proof NEMA Type 4X
  • Material : Fiberglass Cabinet
  • Mode Selections : Manual, On/Off, Proportional Feed, Timer
  • pH Rating : 0 - 14 pH with Acid and/or Base Feed
  • PPMORP Rating : 200 - 999 mV, 0 - 10 ppm (mg/l) (Sanitizer)
  • Temperature Rating : 0 to140 deg F
  • Voltage Rating : 110/230V
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