CMP PowerClean Salt Econ 540 Chlorine Generator - 52000-140-000

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This is the future of salt chlorine generation. Powerclean Salt systems are designed to be durable, affordable and serviceable. Salt systems have been around for years, but nothing like this. It’s time for a chlorine generator that pool professionals and homeowners will all love to use. PowerClean Salt Econ chlorine generators feature an upgraded salt cell design with clear housing, self-aligning unions for easy installation, service and Winterization.

The metal plates in a Powerclean Salt cell are each individually powered. Competing products have plates crammed close together so that they can “share” electricity.

The improved design lets CMP spread the plates further apart. This makes them easy to clean by hand. The wider spacing also helps prevent mineral buildup that bridges between plates-mineral bridging can lead to permanent damage.


  • Produce pure chlorine without tablets or shock
  • Salt chlorination leaves the water feeling smooth and soft
  • Clear cell housing makes it easy to inspect the cell plates and see when it's time to clean
  • Cell plates are completely removable for easy cleaning with no dangerous chemicals
  • Built-in sensor inside the cell constantly checks for faults due to flow, temperature or calcium build-up
  • Grab handles on cell cap for easier removal
  • Four output levels plus Chlorine Boost
  • Auto shut-off for low salt, low temp or low flow
  • Certified to UL-1081


  • Pool Size: For Pools up to 40,000 Gallons | 28,000 Gallons for High Demand Pools
  • Max Chlorine Output:1.35 Lbs Per Day
  • Voltage:120/220V (Ships 220V Ready)
  • Amps: 2.2A@220V / 4.4A@120V
  • Cell Cord Length: 10 Foot
  • Plumbing: 2"" Socket (Can be reduced to 1-1/2"" with reducer bushings


  • Power Center: 16"" Wide x 11-3/4"" Height x 5-15/16"" Depth
  • Salt Cell 12-1/2"" Wide x 9-5/16"" Height


  • High demand pools may require more output to maintain a proper chlorine residual. High demand may include hot or humid climates, high bather loads, or environmental factors.
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