Confer Plastics 5-Step Pool Entry System Bridge - PES-DBL-X

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The Confer Plastics 5-Step Pool Entry System Bridge PES-DBL-X staircase is for above ground pools and provides appealing aspects to onlookers. This unique design accompanies all swimmers and is specific for elderly and physically challenged swimmers to allow for an easy access into the pool. The gray treads are easily visible under the water and have non-slip tread material for safety. The suggested weight limit is about 400 pounds for this staircase.

This is the conjoined together staircase that goes inside and outside the pool that makes a complete entry and exit staircase system. Steps and risers snap into the side panels and are held together with plastic wedges for easy assembly. The stairs are adjustable to fit pools that are 48" to 54" tall with the top step above the pool top rail. Staircases include gate to deny access to unauthorized swimmers.

The plastic materials that make up the staircase will not affect the pool chemistry and will not deteriorate or corrode over time. There is a free flow of water underneath the stairs which inhibits pool algae growth. Altogether this staircase design provides high safety qualities, durability and attractive features that are appealing to the eye.


    • Two Combined Safe Staircases for Above Ground Pools
    • Complete Entry and Exit Staircase System
    • Staircase Bridge
    • Includes Gate with Padlock to Deny Access to Unauthorized Swimmers
    • Gate is Self-Closing and Self-Latching; Padlock included for extra security
    • Attractive Design with Bridge Style
    • Extremely useful to elderly swimmers and physically challenged swimmers
    • Easy Pool Access with 5 Steps and Side Rails
    • Non-Slip Gray Treads Provide Easy Visibility Under the Water
    • Suggested Weight Limit is 400 Pounds
    • Snap-Lock Technology for Easy Assembly
    • Does not rest on or attach to pool
    • Adjustable to fit pools that are 48" to 54" tall
    • Durable and Reliable throughout time
    • Plastic will not affect pool chemistry and won't corrode over time
    • Side openings allow water to circulate through unit which inhibits pool algae growth
    • Meets Current ANSI/NSPI Standards


      • Overall Projection into the Pool: 36"
      • Overall Height: 81" (Plus 6" adjustability range)
      • Overall Width: 31"
      • Step: 10" X 27"
      • Top Platform: 12" X 27"
      • Handrail Height (from top step): 32"
      • Riser Height: 11"

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