Confer Plastics Pool Deck In-Pool Ladder - 6000X

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This Confer Plastics Pool Deck In-Pool Ladder 6000X is adjustable from 46" to 56" to meet the level of your deck. It has a railing starting above the deck and runs down to the surface of the water where it then meets the first step in the water. This ladder construction is durable and has flat steps that are 5" by 18" wide allowing for easy climbing. The color of the rails are white and the stairs are gray which example easy visibility under submersion. It includes a flat platform that sets upon the deck and also features an entrapment barrier to prevent accidents. There is no sand required to hold this ladder down for it is installed directly into the deck. The weight guideline for using this ladder is approximately 300 pounds.


    • Easy installation into Deck
    • Adjustable from 46" to 56" to meet level of deck
    • 5" X 18" Flat Steps that are easy to climb
    • Gray and White coloring for easy under water visibility
    • Flat platform atop the deck
    • Entrapment Barrier to prevent accidental entrapment
    • No sand required
    • Can hold up to 300 pounds
    • Heavy Duty, Sturdy and Reliable
    • Extension Kit Available to extend ladder to approximately 68"
    • Extension Kit (6000-EXT) (Order Separately)
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