LaMotte DPD 1 Tablets - 1000 Count

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LaMotte DPD 1 Tablets - 1000 Count

The 6999A-M LaMotte DPD #1 Tablets are sold as a 1000 pack. LaMotte is the only North American manufacturer of DPD tablets and knows their product; they have recently made the more user-friendly TesTab Packages. With the new packaging you can now easily dispense each tablet by simply pressing the tablet through the foil blister. Each 10 tablet sheet is now a smaller size for more convenience; each sheet is a compact 3.25” x 1.35” size. The tablets themselves are highly moisture sensitive so the manufacturer had a unique hybrid foil created that now allows for a 4-year shelf life.

To determine the shelf life remaining on your DPD Tablets, refer to the packaging label. The lot number will be located on the bottom LEFT. The first two digits of the lot number identify the week, and the third digit identifies the year of manufacture.

»» Application:

  • LaMotte Test Kits

»» Features:

  • 1000 Chlorine DPD #1 RAPID TesTabs

    100 sheets of 10 each

    Each sheet is 3.25” x 1.35” for easy handling

    User Friendly Packaging

    Made in the USA

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