Arctic Cover 18x36 CES Mesh Safety Pool Cover - WS742BU

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Arctic Cover 18x36 CES Mesh Safety Pool Cover is the finest mesh safety cover you can buy – period! While functioning as a traditional safety cover, it will protect your family and pets from accidental drowning while improving the appearance of your pool in the off-season .Super Mesh™’s fabric is made from very tough strands, making it stronger than standard mesh material and better able to withstand heavy snow loads and extreme wind, Rugged stainless steel dual springs provide added strength and will not become “sprung” under the weight of snow and ice. Super Mesh™’s tightly woven fabric provides two levels of protection. Since this tight weave provides almost total shade, the sun’s algae producing rays do not enter the water, leaving your pool virtually algae-free in the spring. This super tight weave allows water to seep through the cover, but filters out all but the finest debris. Since almost no dirt or debris gets into your pool, spring opening is quicker, easier and requires fewer chemicals. Arctic Armor Super Mesh™ Gold safety cover uses brass anchors that recess flush with your deck when not in use. It installs using a special installation tool that prevents removal without it.


  • In-Ground Swimming Pools


  • Super strong double stainless steel springs, handle even heavy snow
  • New hi-tech mesh screens out all but the finest debris
  • This lightweight cover has increased U.V. stabilizers embedded in Super Mesh™ to keep your cover like new
  • 15 Year Warranty
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