Ozone Test Kit - 1008069

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The UltraPure Ozone Test Kit is the testing kit for ozone in your swimming pools.

Many hot tub owners often overlook the functioning and purpose of the Ozone generator. Until recently, there has not been a method to determine if is time to renew or replace your ozone generator. Even if it appears to be running your ozone generator may not be producing sufficient ozone or any at all.

The UltraPure Ozone Test Kit indicates if there is ozone present in the output stream from the ozone generator. These kits do not quantify (measure the amount of) the ozone present. The speed and extent of the indicator material bleaching, from blue to white, gives you a tool to say if a spa unit is producing an effective level of ozone.

Test In Just 3 Easy Steps:

    • With the power off, insert the Ozone Detection Tube into the tubing from the ozone generator to the suction jet (return line).
    • Turn the ozone generator and spa jet on for 30 Seconds (for an air/ozone draw through the tube).
    • When all the blue media turns white, there is sufficient ozone present. If not its time for repair or replacement.
    • Check every 6 to 9 months.


    • If there is not sufficient ozone present, it is time to replace the ozonators renewal kit, bulb or to purchase a new ozone generator.
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