AutoPilot Pool Pilot Eco Nano Salt Chlorine Generator - EN2

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Never buy chlorine again with Pool Pilot Eco Nano EN2 Salt Chlorine Generator. This 220 Volt salt chlorine generator makes pool maintenance simple. The easy-to-use system features push button controls and a two-digit display. This energy efficient chlorinator maintains pools up to 25,000 gallons with the PPC1 inline cell with flow switch.

Automatic cell cleaning saves you the time and effort, making this chlorinator easy to keep in top condition. It works at all salt levels and can operate at flow rates as low as 20 gpm, allowing you to maintain perfectly balanced water for your pool. This balance creates silky, soft feeling water that you'll never want to leave. It also helps prevent red eyes, itchy skin, faded swimwear, and damaged hair, so you spend more time enjoying your pool rather than maintaining it.


  • 220 Volt
  • Maintains pools up to 25,000 gallons
  • Includes PPC1 Inline Cell with Flow Switch
  • Makes balancing water simple
  • No need to buy chlorine
  • Easy-to-use
  • Push button controls
  • Two-digit display
  • Energy efficient
  • Automatic cell cleaning
  • Works at all salt levels
  • Operates at varying flow rates, as low as 20 gpm
  • Creates soft, silky feeling water
  • Prevents red eyes, itchy eyes, faded swimwear, and damaged hair
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