RayPak Versa 55K BTU Spa Heater without Top - Natural Gas - 010435

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The Raypak gas heater has a polyester-coated, non-corrosive cabinet that is more durable than solventborne- and waterborne-coated metal cabinets. Every piece of sheet metal goes through a 7-stage wash system, making certain the powder paint has a perfect bond. Underneath the tough, yet beautiful finish you will find galvanized metal that offers superior rust prevention and years of durable service. Its wind-resistant design eliminates the need for fans to combat drafting problems. This gas heater features brass headers, an all-copper-fin-tube heat exchanger, and 1.5" water connections. This RayPak heater is equipped with electronic ignition which requires external power (120VAC or 240VAC) and generates a pilot only when there is a call for heat. The burner tray is built to last and its innovative design allows for the easy removal of the tray and burners for servicing. A ceramic fiber combustion box keeps your heater running efficiently while eeping the outside jacket cool. By using this space-age material the heater will not retain residual heat after it is turned off, allowing it to be installed without the use of costly metal heat sinks. RayPak heaters are energy-smart and consistently achieve the highest efficiency ratings. B-M055B-EN.

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