S.R. Smith Fiberglass RGB LED Light - FLED-C-FG

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The S.R. Smith Fiberglass RGB LED Light FLED-C-FG has no end-shadow effect which is common in most other pool lighting systems. This design is specific for illuminating your entire pool, having a wide beam spread, and even light distribution.

There are a couple different options provided for setting the right mood. First, the six color lock which allows you to pick your favorite color for the moment and keep it locked on that color. The next option is to chose one of the two color change modes, where the lights demonstrate a basic light show. Another beneficial feature is the ability to synchronize this lighting system with your Color Light Streams systems, allowing for an incredible visual experience.

These lights are 5 Watts with a safe 12 Volt power supply that maintain a 50,000 hour lamp life.


    • Underwater Fiberglass RGB LED Light for Fiberglass Pools and Spas
    • 6 Color Array
    • Color Lock and Color Unison
    • 2 Color Change Modes
    • No End-Shadow Effect
    • Even Light Distribution
    • Wide Beam Spread
    • Synchronize with Color Light Streams
    • No Earth-Bonding Required
    • Non-Leak Water Seal Protection
    • Memory Function
    • Flexible Lens Adapts to Extreme Temperatures
    • Color Control and Dimming Control


      • Volts: 12
      • Watts: 5
      • Low Voltage Cord: 80'
      • Lamp Life: 50,000 Hours

      Fiberglass Pool Lights can be Powered by the following S.R. Smith Power Centers:

        • PT-6000
        • WIRTRAN
        • WPC1-XXXX-T
        • WPC2-XXXX-T
        • iStar


          • Encapsulated cable terminations eliminate external cable and water seal heat caused deterioration.
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