Stenner Peristaltic Pump 85GPD 3-8"WHT 

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»» Description:

Stenner Peristaltic Pump 85GPD 3/8"WHT

Stenner Peristaltic Pump 85GPD 3/8"WHT use for chemical metering injection of grease trap enzymes, algaecide, biocide, biocidal, antimicrobial, chlorination - chlorine sanitizers and disinfectants injection, cooling towers, poultry liquid vitamins. Ideal for shear sensitive and gas entrained fluids. Peristalsis occurs when the rotation of the rollers around the inside diameter of the tube housing compress and dilates the pumping tube. Stenner Peristaltic Pump eliminates diaphragms or foot valves while allowing the system to be completely self-priming. Hydrogen Peroxide can be pumped without concern about vapor lock. Stenner’s unique control mechanism allows the peristaltic metering injection pump’s output to be scaled from. 5% to 100% with the simple turn of a dial.

»» Application:

  • Outdoor

»» Features:

  • Dry running
  • Self-priming
  • Contamination free pumping
  • Ideal for shear sensitive and gas entrained fluids
  • No back flow
  • Excellent for viscous fluids & slurries
  • SOutput is directly proportional to speed and not affected by discharge conditions
  • 26 RPM

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